Pumpkin Picking

Happy Firday!!

No apologies for my lack of blog post, I have apologized enough in the past (ha). I’ve accepted it, I will probably never be consistent when it comes to blogging. I have a full-time job, I owe a small business, I have a kid & a husband, my plate is pretty full. I decided to make those thing top priority.

Don’t get me wrong, I will make blogging a priority but it wont be on the top of my list of things to do anymore. I want to get back to the days  when blogging was fun. I started blogging because I enjoyed it. For a while now it hasn’t been fun, it started to feel more  like  a job that I wasn’t getting pay for but instead, it was costing me money, I.e paying photographers because I wanted quality photos and buying new clothes to keep up with the latest trend, no more. This is my first official stress free blog post.

Ok, let’s get to the outfit . My girlfriend Vivan took these photos in front of Home Depot, they have the cutest Fall set-up outside the store. It was a really fun shoot. As a blogger I’m always searching for the perfect backgdrop for photos.

I love this outfit, it screams chic mommy. A lot of the time my blog outfits are not practical for someone like myself that have a very activity 2-year-old, I’m just being honest.

This outfit is perfect for my ladies who don’t like having to choose between looking good or being comfortable. I always choose to look good over comfort, haha (feel free to judge me.) this knit lace-up sweater is so comfortable, it’s the most comfortable  sweater I’ve ever worn. No lie, it’s super soft and warm. And guess what?? It has pockets. Yes, you read correctly. It has pockets, need I say more?? I didn’t think so.

Oh and these booties are equally as comfortable, I love the pop of color, it’s perfect for Fall. I kept the outfit pretty  neutral because I wanted the booties to be my statement piece. That’s a great rule to keep in mind when getting dress, pick a statement pieces and go from there.

 Sweater | Booties | Sunglasses

As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.