Liberian Entertainment Awards

Happy Friday!

A few weekends ago, March 3rd to be exact my girlfriend and I attended the Liberian Entertainment Awards in Washington D.C for the first time. The name is pretty self explanatory unless you’re not familiar with Liberia.

Liberia is a country in West African, I am Liberian, born and raised.  I migrated to the United States when I was 11years old.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this post for many reasons but I received  so much love from Facebook and instgram I decided to share more photos with you guys.

one of the reason I didn’t want to do the post is because the photo quality is not the best, they were taking in our hotel room by our makeup artist at night, secondly I  can’t really tell you guy about my experience because we were extremely late, we  underestimated D.C traffic apparently so did the makeup artist.

The red carpet started at 5:30 and the award ceremony at 8pm, we arrived around 10pm. Ever heard the saying “Africans don’t know time?” Well it’s true. The ceremony was still going on when we arrived, it ended 45mins later. I will definitely attend next year and do a better coverage of the event.

My girlfriend and I dresses were Custom made by a very talented Liberian designer, she also made my wedding dress. She’s the absolute best. The fabric was a wedding gift from a family member.

Dress Designer IG handle: @magdalenbangura

Big thanks to our makeup artist, she  did an amazing job, my face never been so beat in my life. Here’s her IG handle @cymmertics

My brother in-law and I.

After Party outfits

my girlfriend outfit is from FashionNova & mines is from a boutique in New York, can’t remember the name bought it awhile back.


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